The Original Pilot to Dream$ville

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Original Pilot Synopsis: Houston Drug King Pins search to find out who murdered a major source of their income before the whole city is destroyed in an emerging Drug War.

The Original Pilot to the Series Dream$ville. New Pilot and Revamped Series coming soon. Visit for more updates on the New and improved show.

Writer and Show Creator: Shannon Washington
Co- Executive Producer: Jamar Johnson
Associate Producer: Ray Kahn
Cinematographer: Jeff Fountain
Editor: John DeJesus
Director: David Nguyen
Color: Dan Diaz
Sound: Stephen Finley

Starring: Neal Kodinsky, Elena Rojas, Jeremy Rashad, Felipe Echavarria, Giovanni Silva, Jamar Johnson, Cato Williams, Shaun Cobbs, Chris Pera, Antrone Harris, David Gonzalez, Rico King, Christopher Davis, Renee Somoza, Darrel Dunmore and Julius Washington

Music by: Christian Lace, Lil Ray, Pac Mane, Picaso and many more

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