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About Reimeschemes

Get familiar with rising indie hip hop recording artist R.S AKA REIME SCHEMES! Reime Schemes is originally from Detroit, MI and moved out to Los Angeles, California to pursue his career in entertainment. Reime Schemes​​ has built a major name for himself while being stationed on the West Coast, and has collaborated on songs with some of the heaviest hitters in the game such as Keith Murray of Def Squad, Yukmouth of The Luniz, Tupac Shakur’s brother Mopreme, Young Noble of 2Pac’sOutlawz, the legendary Spice 1, Bad Azz and Kurupt of Da Dogg Pound Gangstaz, and the list goes on and on. He’s even shared the stage with artists such as Domino, former No Limit artist Young Bleed, Jayo Felony and more! Due to the success of the 2015 viral hit single “Progression” by Reime Schemes featuring Armageddon of the late Big Pun’s Terror Squad and indie hip hop Detroit star Revolver. Reime Schemes and “Geddy” (Armageddon) have decided to team up yet again to duplicate the success of the past single, this time by working on and releasing a full joint project together titled RHYMAGEDDON that released May 2017.

Reimeschemes  Videos

Reime Schemes – Thief Ah Whine (Feat Nashoo)

Reime schemes is back with Caribbean sensation Nashoo for “Thief Ah Whine”.

publish February 2, 2019 88
Reime Schemes – Smash 2 Go (Feat Revolver)

Reime Schemes – “Smash 2 Go” (Feat Revolver) (ITunes): (Spotify): (Beatport):

publish April 5, 2018 1802
Reime Schemes – Island Flame ( Feat Nashoo, Haya, & El Jamexican)

Reime Schemes – “Island Flame” (Feat Nashoo, Haya, & El Jamexican) (ITunes):… Copyright (C) 2017 DRS Entertainment. Produced by Oh Gosh. Directed by Teddy Knock.

publish January 14, 2018 914
Reime Schemes – Book of Rhymes

Reime Schemes – “Book of Rhymes” (Feat Kerome) (ITunes): Copyright (C) 2017 DRS Entertainment. Produced by Oh Gosh. Directed by Teddy Knock.

publish December 27, 2017 1402

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